SPRINGFIELD, Mo- Springfield normally sees the last snowfall around the middle of April. However, this time back in 2013, a historic snowfall event occurred and measurable snowfall has only happened twice in May since records began back in 1888.

The first measurable snowfall (0.1 inch or greater) was back on May 2, 1929, when 6.1 inches of snow fell.

Aurora, Mo

So, May 3, 2013, does not break that record of most May snowfall as 1.4 inches fell. It does break the latest measurable snowfall across the region in May.

The latest on record was a trace on May 6, 1944. Along with the unusual late snowfall, May 3, 2013, was also abnormally cold with another record for the day of a cold high temperature of 36 degrees. May 3, 2013, also set the coldest temperature on record for a daily high in the month of May.

Collins, Mo

Below are some reports from across the region:
Springfield NWS Office —1.4 inches
Appleton City, MO—3.0 inches
Ash Grove, MO—4.5 inches
Buffalo, MO—0.5 inches
Cole Camp, MO—3.4 inches
Carthage, MO—4.0 inches
Lockwood, MO—3.0 inches