SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Despite growing gasoline, rent and grocery prices, there are some things that are actually cheaper. Here are three things that are cheaper now according to Axios.com:

  • Ballgames: Ticket prices for sporting events are down 11% year over year, according to the Consumer Price Index.
  • Tech upgrades: Smartphones are 20% cheaper. TVs are 10% cheaper. For the student in your life: Calculators are 13% cheaper.
  • Beach reads: The price of books has stayed the same despite supply chain woes and inflation. As we’ve reported, one of the silver linings of the pandemic has been an increase in recreational reading.

Some other notable prices that have either stayed the same or have gotten cheaper include:

  • Jewelry: Although only slightly cheaper by 1.2% in comparison to 2021.
  • Free lunch: Food at elementary and secondary schools is 43% cheaper thanks to districts stepping up to feed kids in need since the pandemic began.
  • Clothes: A lot of clothing like women’s swimwear, men’s shorts, and infant apparel are either the same price or cheaper.
  • A trend to watch: Soaring lumber prices are finally falling in the U.S. That could soon make it cheaper to build and buy new houses.