SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Everything about the day you get married is supposed to be “perfect”. Many fantasize about the perfect flower arrangement, the perfect venue, the perfect dress. As a little girl, Crystal Adams was different. She worried more about the perfect walk down the aisle. 

“When I was younger we had a rocky family life. Once I got older… my dad is my rock,” she says. 

The odds of being walked by her father, Curtis, got slimmer about a week ago. 

“My dad has cancer they say is untreatable,” she says. 

Having never been a fan of doctors’ offices, Crystal’s dad concealed his illness for as long as possible. When it finally too much for him, he was taken here to Mercy Hospital. Now doctors say they don’t know how long he has left. Crystal had a feeling he’d miss her wedding. 

“It was scheduled for a year, year-and-a-half,” she explains.

She and her fiancé called an audible. 
“She said, ‘We’re going to do a wedding today in the room.’,” says Christine Mason, one of the nurses taking care of Curtis. 

It was her and her team who took that audible and ran with it. 

“I thought, ‘Why can’t we do the wedding in the chapel?’,” Mason says. 

It was the hospital chapel’s first wedding ever, a moment so rare no one (not even the father of the bride) could miss it. 

The flowers were donated, the dress was from a thrift shop and the one thing Crystal wanted most was a gift from her dad. 

“Dad being there. Couldn’t have asked for a better day,” says Adams.