The Trial of Kenneth Davis: Day 3 Live Update Thread

VIDEO: Kenneth Davis is questioned by prosecutors in Greene County.

6:00 p.m.

GREENE COUNTY, Mo.– Kenneth Davis swore to tell the “whole truth” when he stepped up to take the stand Wednesday. Davis, who is accused of abusing an eight-year-old girl, says the truth is: the girl’s injuries were the result of clumsy falls and collisions. 

Over the course a single day he and the girl spent together, Davis says she fell into a creek surrounded by weeds, got hurt when he slammed on his brakes, and took on a head injury when she ran into a tree limb while playing after sundown.  

This is first of two child abuse trials Davis will stand this year. He’s also facing charges in Dallas County for the death of two-year-old Kinzlea Kilgore. Prosecutors in that case recently changed his charges from second-degree murder to child abuse resulting in death.  

As he underwent prosecutorial questioning Wednesday, Davis became clearly frustrated, specifically when his on-the-record account and the story he allegedly told Detective Jennifer Flood early in the investigation started to clash.  

“Isn’t it also true,” a prosecutor asked. “That you told Jennifer Flood that sometimes you wanted to smack the s—t out of her?” 

“No. That is a lie,” Davis said.   

It would be one of many times Davis would deny the accounts of investigators he spoke to before the trial.  

Prosecutor: “Do you also recall telling Jennifer Flood that there was a tick embedded into [family member] head and that you had to pull out hair out of her head?” 

Davis: “I don’t recall telling her that.” 

Prosecutor: “Ok. So did you tell her that?” 

Davis: “I don’t recall it.” 

Prosecutor: “You don’t recall it?” 

Davis: “No, I don’t.” 

At times, during the questioning, Davis flatly denied investigator accounts.  

Prosecutor: “Do you recall telling Jennifer Flood that you were upset because she wanted to go back with her mother?” 

Davis: “No, I did not.” 

Prosecutor: “Ok. So you were not upset with her because [family member] wanted to go back with her mother?” 

Davis: “No. She never told me she wanted to go back with her mother.” 

Prosecutor: “Ok… And you also remember telling her that you were upset with [family member] because she didn’t appreciate you and the things you had done for her?” 

Davis: “No. That was never said.” 

Davis’s defense team and the state are expected to make closing arguments on Thursday. A jury will also break off to deliberate Davis’s guilt or innocence.  

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Below: Frances Lin reports from the Greene County Courthouse where Davis took the stand Wednesday.

2:06 p.m.

Kenneth Davis has taken the stand according to Ozarks First reporters in the courtroom.

Unlike most defendants, who typically wave their right to speak in court, Davis will now face questions from both his own defense team and Greene County Prosecutors.

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019- 11:45 a.m.

Detective Jennifer Flood testified Wednesday morning. Flood was asked to recount her experience with Davis and the victim. Flood said she recalled the process of removing children (including the victim) from Davis’ home.

Also on the stand Wednesday morning was Nicole Schrock, a forensic interviewer from Springfield’s Child Advocacy Center. Schrock was primarily questioned about the types of trauma child-victims can undergo in abusive situations and the kind of impact those traumas can have on children as they mature.

The court scheduled a viewing of the 56-minute-long interview Schrock conducted with the victim in this case. The court has ordered the video remain unaired to the public to protect the victim.

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