OZARK, Mo. — The Ozark Mill Bridge, located next to Finley Farms, was set to close next week for a new traffic pattern to be implemented. That plan is now being put on pause.

Officials with the Ozark Special Road District say they will no longer be shutting down the bridge on Monday morning to change the traffic pattern.

“The city of Ozark had a special meeting today to take back ownership of McCracken road and all the intersection surrounding the Finley Farms development. We are having a special meeting at the road barn at 3 p.m. on Monday. The bridge will not be shut down Monday morning we are pausing that until we have had an opportunity to discuss all of the details with the city.”

Ozark Special Road District Commissioner Michael Bloom

Ozark Special Road District officials say they are wanting to help preserve the bridge that is rapidly decaying until it can be fully rehabilitated.