SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– For years, people in the Ozarks have driven out of their way to take in the Bagwell House – a sight now synonymous with over-the-top-light displays.

Of course these days, it’s more like “The Bagwell Neighborhood”. The light display stretches along 10 of the yards on E. Cambridge Street in Springfield. And while Mike Bagwell doesn’t own all of those properties, he is personally invested in two of them.

“The main house behind me is where I grew up,” he told Ozarks First.

Today, Mike’s childhood home is covered in decorative, inflatable Christmas scenes and even some animatronics. The one next door, which he bought and currently lives in, is covered in a glowing light display.

Mike says he put about 1500 manhours into the display in 2019. Work started back in February when Bagwell decided to upgrade his show. He spent his summer building new dioramas and scenes.

Although the show boasts some new exhibits, Mike’s favorite is still his day-one display: The manger scene.

“To me, we’re all celebrating Jesus’ birthday,” Bagwell said. “So every year I add more lights as if adding more candles to the cake in honor of him.”

If you plan to visit the Bagwell light display, Bagwell suggests you consider a weekday. He says lines can lead to long waits. That being said, if you come on a weekend, bring some in-car entertainment.

“Earlier in the week, traffic’s not as bad,” he said. “As you move toward the weekend, everyone seems to want to come.”

You can check out Bagwell Lights on Facebook. Or, you can head out and see the show in person at 2008 E. Cambridge in Springfield, MO.