The Difference Between Freezing Temps and Climate Change


WASHINGTON — It is freezing in many parts of the country. But does the frigid cold weather argue against the science of climate change? 

President Donald Trump weighed in via tweet. But National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists say there is a difference between temperatures and climate change. 

Parts of the U.S. are getting slammed with severe winter weather — with wind chills reaching negative 30 or below — leading to some skepticism about climate change.

Earlier this week, President Trump said in a tweet “what the hell is going on with global warming? Please come back fast, we need you.”

Kenneth Kunkel, a climate change expert at the NOAA and research professor at North Carolina State University says single weather events are different than overall climate trends.

“In order to determine whether or not climate is changing as a whole – we do need to look over longer periods of time,” Kunkel said.

Kunkel found changes in weather patterns over the past century.

“The last couple of decades we have experienced fewer and less intense cold waves than before that,” Kunkel said.

Scientists say weather events like droughts and hurricanes are getting worse and more severe because of climate change. 

And communities all around the country are dealing with the effects.

“If you look at the flooding or you look at the crazy rain storms or you look at the forest fires,” Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski said.

Biskupski was in Washington recently leading a panel on climate change. 

“What we need to do is help communities and members of our communities come to the table and be a part of the solution,” Biskupski said.

She says climate change is undeniable and hopes everyone will work to reverse the effects rather than deny it.

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