SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – At the start of the pandemic, Scott Sturm wanted to do something to pass the time and bring a smile to people’s faces. He felt like placing a simple saying in his front yard, at the corner of Loren and National Avenue, would be just what the doctor ordered.

“In the cover of darkness on a Monday or Sunday night is when this happens,” jokes Scott Sturm.

Scott is out in his yard. The spot where he has placed a simple saying every week for the past 18 months.

Scott says his sayings are always family-friendly, “Basically kid-friendly. Nothing too political or snarky. Nothing with coarse language.”

The first saying Scott did was one simple word, smile. “I saw somebody had rearranged the letter to say ‘slime.’ So I said, ‘challenge accepted Springfield, we’re going to make this fun,” laughs Scott.

With such a high traffic area, Scott was surprised that his signs haven’t been messed with more often. Only two times he can think of.

Since the sayings are a family enterprise, it’s only fitting that Scott’s favorite was given to him by his daughter.

“Our 6-year-old Lydia suggested unicorn beams make rainbow dreams,” says Scott.

Although Scott is surprised the pandemic is still around, he plans to bring joy to passersbys for as long as he can.