SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Since 1994, the Household Chemical Collection Center has kept 7.1 million pounds of hazardous materials from area landfills, which also means keeping them from our water supply.

The Household Chemical Collection Center in Springfield collects paint, insecticide, aerosols, and more chemicals and chemical receptacles, either recycling and repurposing them, or disposing of them properly and safely.

In this Talking Trash segment, we went out to see how household products are sorted, tested, and then either recycled or disposed of.

If these chemicals are improperly disposed of, they can damage the environment or create a hazardous situation when mixed together.

If you have chemicals or household products you need to dispose of, don’t throw them in the trash. You can take them to the Household Chemical Collection Center at 1226 W. Nichols Street if you live in Greene, Christian, Polk, Dallas, or Webster counties. However, visits to the collection center must be scheduled. To make an appointment, you can call 417-864-2000.

Watch the video above for more details on how it works.