SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– People wanting to buy a home may be noticing a trend of rising house prices.

Mia Davis, a realtor with Murney Associates says there are more people wanting to buy houses than there are houses for sale.

That supply and demand means the prices of homes are going up while the number of houses is going down. It’s that reason Davis says houses are selling quick.

“Typically, I would say within a couple of days, used to it used to be a big deal to say that a house is sold in one day, Davis said. “Now, if it’s not sold in a day or in a weekend, you have to evaluate.”

Davis said the number of homes for sale is a fraction of what a normal market in the area would be.

“Typically, a healthy market would have at least six months’ worth of inventory. So about 3,000 houses,” Davis said. “Currently, we have a half month’s worth of inventory. So, between Christian County, Greene County and Webster County, there’s around 300 houses (on the market).”

But for people thinking about buying a home, many wonder what they need to do first.

Christie Biggs, a mortgage banker with USA Mortgage, said a pre-approval is pivotal for anyone looking at houses.

“They do need to get fully pre-approved so that I can have them fully qualified for a home loan,” Biggs said.

Biggs said as the interest rates on mortgages climb, rates are still low historically.

“Even though rates have gone up, especially in this last quarter. But historically, rates are still low,” Biggs said. “You know, they’re still very, very viable and very attainable for you to be able to buy a home.”

For those interested in buying, there are things that you can start with to increase your chances of getting approved for a home loan.

“Look at your job. Work someplace. Be employed for at least two years. Don’t overspend,” Biggs said. “Don’t open too many credit cards. But you do need a couple and save. You need savings. You need a little bit of money in the bank.”