StoryCorps has made its way to Springfield, and with it come hundreds of people wanting to tell their story.

The verbal time capsule that partners with local organizations makes ten stops each year across the country since 2003. But many may wonder what exactly is it?

“StoryCorps is a traveling oral history project, as well as a media nonprofit. Our mission is to preserve the voices of everyday people in the United States, Sarah Padgett says.

“So that future generations can learn about what life was like, what was important to people, and just to kind of garner some collective wisdom.”

Sarah Padgett, a bilingual mobile tour facilitator, travels with StoryCorps across the country and hears similar topics, whether she’s in Florida, Oklahoma, or Missouri.

“There are certainly themes that come up that span all the different stops you know, family, love stories, children and art and community engagement” Padgett said.

People sign up online for a time to record a 40-minute conversation about whatever they want. After they’re done, they can choose whether to have their recording be made private or stored in the biggest library in the country.

“All of our recordings will be sent to the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. Now, that’s completely optional, Padgett says.

“You never need to make it public in that way. But if you do that, it’s an exciting opportunity because future generations will be able to go physically to the Library of Congress and listen to your recordings.”

Philip and Steven Senger scheduled their recording to preserve their stories and to share them with the world.

Steven says he’s known about StoryCorps for a while and had been interested.

The father and son duo say a conversation today can mean more in the future.

“I personally think people’s stories are inherently interesting, and what is mundane to me today might be exotic to someone else 100 years from now, 1,000 from now.” Steven says.

“Objects don’t speak for themselves.” Philip says.

Padgett says StoryCorps has already opened it’s second half of recording slots and is seeing them fill up. You can sign up for one online.

StoryCorps will be in Springfield until May 18, and then heads to Missoula, Montana. To reserve a time with StoryCorps, either call 1-800-850-4406 or visit