SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A brand-new Missouri industry once fighting over a handful of farms to supply dispensaries, now has dozens of cultivators to choose from, with dozens more on the way.

Springfield’s eighth dispensary opened to medical marijuana patients on Friday.

The Farmer’s Wife is located on E. Chestnut Expressway near Price Lane.

Director of retail David Brodsky says staff -or “bud-tenders” – have spent weeks studying the store’s different strains.

The training also included shadowing staff at two other The Farmer’s Wife locations in Mountain Grove and West Plains.

The Midwestern-themed storefront boasts a wide variety of cannabis products, at lower prices than patients saw when dispensaries first opened in Missouri in October 2020.

“We have gummies, we have cookies, we have chocolate Bon Bons,” said Brodsky. “We have sodas, we have tinctures, vape cards, concentrates, and then, of course, we have flowers and pre-rolled joints.”

Missouri is on track to do more than $100 million in medical marijuana sales this year, bringing in about $21 million in July alone, according to data from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Brodsky says the increase in sales is likely due to more cultivators and manufacturers coming to the market after a slow start last year.

“Right now, we’re getting a call, seems like every week, from a new cultivator or new manufacturer that’s coming online and operational looking for dispensaries to sell their products to, ” said Brodsky.

There are roughly 135,000 medical marijuana patients in Missouri.

As demand grows, Skyler Thomas with Coco Labs says owners are expanding to more rural areas of the state.

“Originally, the first dispensaries were only in St. Louis and Kansas City,” said Brodsky. “Now, we’re getting into more of the rural markets where people who can’t make it to those urban markets can still access the medicine that they need.”

Prices are also slowly coming down. When the state’s first dispensary opened last October, an eighth of an ounce of flower would set you back about $60. Ten months later, that same product could be bought at around $40.

Brodsky says he hopes patients will see even cheaper prices by next fall.

“We’re starting to see a much more variety of products, and we’re starting to see a little bit of pricing pressure, so we’ll start to see prices start to go down over the next 12 to 18 months or so,” said Brodsky.

The Farmer’s Wife has two main suppliers – Flora Farms in Humansville, and Proper Cannabis-based of St. Louis.

For those still waiting for a price, Skyler Thomas says to be patient.

“Everyone likes to compare us to a more mature market, the Colorados, the Californias, and that’s great, but everything is done here in Missouri, and you’re supporting Missouri business,” said Thomas. “Whether you hate the prices or not, it’s unfortunate, but they will drop. We just gotta give it more time.”

The Farmer’s Wife will be running specials through August 22, as part of its grand opening.

The dispensary has also leased a separate space next door where doctors will be available to meet with new patients interested in getting their medical marijuana card or grow license.