SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Springfield NAACP helped people get vaccinated on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

By partnering with Jordan Valley Health Center, the NAACP held a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Pitts Chapel United Methodist Church.

Church leaders said this clinic is important on a day like Monday because it shows people trying to work together for a greater cause.”

The NAACP wants to ensure the people that it is okay to do this,” said John Huddleston, Pitts Chapel Volunteer. “This shot is okay to have. A lot of people are afraid, this kind of help to assure them.”

Gemma Hower was one of the several to get a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I think it was important because I think that I need to keep everyone in my community safe,” Hower said. “I think that it was kind of cool that I got it on MLK Day because that’s a really important day.” 

Springfield NAACP Executive Board Member, Dee Ogilvy, said the theme of MLK Day in Springfield this year is the urgency of creating the beloved community.

“That means protecting each other from COVID, as well as from racism, sexism, and homophobia,” Ogilvy said.

She said the vaccination clinic goes right along with the theme in the aspect of protecting the community.

“Educate yourself, is what our president, Kai Sutton, always says,” Ogilvy said. “Educate yourself on the vaccine.”

Ogilvy said they were very pleased with how all the MLK Day events have gone on Monday.