SPRINGFIELD, Mo.–Marchers led by law enforcement took to the streets of downtown Springfield starting at Jenny Lincoln Park making their way to Park Central Square. 

State Representative Crystal Quade says, “I’m with what looks like almost 1,000 people in support of science.” 

With flags blowing in the wind and signs hoisted high, their message was clear.

March organizer Eric Wells says, “We are pretty tired about the anti-science rhetoric that’s going on in the government now days. The new administration and their attitudes toward science, it’s kicked me into high gear.” 

“I just think science is extremely important and it’s become a partisan issue and it shouldn’t be. It’s real, you can’t deny it and just because you have a lobbyist in your pocket, you shouldn’t be able to discount proven facts,” says marcher Patrick Mueller. 

And even on a cold, rainy day,

 “The weather is not great right now so I’m very happy with how many people are here today,” says Quade. 

That didn’t stop the science enthusiasts from joining together for one common purpose.

 “The March for Science is a celebration of science,” says Wells. 

“Fantastic, fantastic, everybody’s positive, everybody is true believers in science and that’s the way to be,” says Mueller.