SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield’s city flag and whether to change it has been a hot topic recently and citizens have about two and a half weeks left to share their opinion about the flag.

The city of Springfield confirmed council members are anticipated to vote whether to adopt the blue and white flag design to replace the current red, white, and blue city flag on January 10, 2022. The city is accepting feedback until January 7, 2022.

If the bill passes, it will be the first time Springfield has changed its flag since 1938.  The city says of the roughly 4,000 residents who completed a recent survey the city did on the flag, 77% said they were not proud of the city’s current flag, while more than half said they were in favor of the new design.  

The blue and white design originated with the Springfield Identity Project in 2017. Since council members began discussing the new flag design, there has been some resistance to change, including a Facebook group called “Leave Our Flag Alone.”

People spoke passionately both for and against the new flag design at the December 13 Springfield City Council meeting.