SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A special education teacher is someone who needs to teach a variety of students with different abilities and levels in the same classroom.

Here in Missouri, special education teachers are taking on so much work that some feel they are completely burned out.

A Missouri Special Ed teacher says it takes on average at least five hours to do a plan for one kid.

She says there are districts around the state that don’t allow teachers to have extra time for paperwork and it can be very stressful.

She hopes the Missouri department of education can make the paperwork requirements more realistic.

“Sometimes it feels like the people that are in charge of putting out the documents that they require annually might have lost touch with what’s going on in the classroom,” said Amy Schwartz, a Missouri special education teacher.

“Special education teachers are tasked with designing very specific instruction based upon the unique needs of each student,” said Brady Quirk, director of special services at Springfield Public Schools.

Nationally, there is a special education teacher shortage.

But locally here at Springfield Public Schools, the department of special services says they have a strong relationship with local universities who consistently gives them good applicants to work with.