LACLEDE COUNTY, Mo. — The National Weather Service has confirmed tonight that a tornado touched down near Phillipsburg, Missouri earlier this afternoon.

It happened along I-44 at mile marker 123. Laclede County reports of downed power lines and trees. In addition, a building missing off z highway. People may also be trapped inside the basements of their homes.

The tornado that  ripped through Laclede County uprooted trees and overturned semi trucks.

The Danny Hermann trucking company where the tornado tore off the roof and caused some semi trucks to overturn onto cars. Employees described seeing a funnel cloud before getting into a bathroom for safety.
In Falcon, Missouri is where the wind uprooted dozens of trees causing them to fall onto lawns.

One tree even fell onto east highway 32 causing a traffic backup and power outage for Falcon residents for nearly two hours until crews could remove it.

A neighbor we spoke with says that right before the tornado hit, his wife helped a woman driving with her two kids get into their bathtub for safety.

John Abbot says,  “Apparently she was heading east on 63 being chased by the storm and came up here – you can see I’ve lost 7 trees, some four foot in diameter. She banged on the door and we let them in.  We got in the bathtub while the storm swirled around us.  How many kids did she have?  She had three little ones.”

The good news is that there were no reports of anyone being hurt during the tornado just lots of property damage.