South Dakota woman survives freak lawn mower accident that left her neck sliced open


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SOUTH DAKOTA (FOX) — A woman living in South Dakota miraculously survived a freak accident that left her neck sliced opened after an unknown object shot out of a lawn mower and struck her last week.

Kendra Jensen, 28, was outside her home in Bridgewater cleaning up pool toys on July 11 at around 6:30 p.m. while her husband mowed the lawn. Jensen told Fox News on Saturday that she was outside for less than a minute before she felt something strike her neck and shoulder.

She soon realized that something had shot out from the seated lawn mower her husband was using and she quickly flagged him down.

Andy Jensen, a four-year Marine Corps veteran and police officer, jumped into action using training from his combat deployments. Jensen said the family home is about 45 minutes away from the closest trauma center and she feared she wouldn’t “make it.”

“Tonight I’m thankful my husband has the training he does and could act quickly to get QuikClot gauze stuffed into my wound and wrapped with a pressure dressing before the ambulance arrived,” she said in a Facebook post last week.

Jensen told Fox News she was left completely in shock after the accident because she and her husband take regular precautions when tending to their yard.

She was on her deck at the time and was at least 30-40 feet away from the lawn mower. Jensen also said that they always check their lawn before cutting the grass. Their seated lawn mower was also recently serviced prior to the accident.

“Never would have thought that at the distance I was standing I would have been hit,” Jensen said. “It was the scariest moment of my life because when I realized I was hit I instantly thought this is very bad and I thought the worse.”

Once at the hospital Jensen realized how lucky she was. The object, that has yet to be identified, missed her carotid, trachea, vocal cords and “everything important” by just millimeters.

Jensen hopes that sharing her story can show people that “no distance is a safe distance” and that the best thing to do is “just stay inside.”

She said in a separate Facebook post that she is now home recovering and is just glad it was her and not one of her young boys.

“It’s one of my worst nightmares that one of my boys would be hurt with us being so far from the closest trauma hospital.”

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