Skittles – Just the Red Ones – Spill on WI Highway


DODGE COUNTY, Wisc. — There was a sweet mess in Dodge County, Wisconsin Wednesday morning: hundreds of thousands of Skittles candies spilled on a roadway.

Deputies found the confections on a county highway. Crews from the county highway department were called in to clean them up.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page says the candy fell off the back of a flatbed pickup truck. Because it was raining at the time, the box got wet and gave way, spilling the Skittles on the road.

The red-stained road in front of his home was a mystery to Merlin Pieper. “Probably hit a deer is probably what it was,” he speculated.
He saw the Sheriff’s squads and highway crews respond, but didn’t know it was all for;  “Skittles – ha, ha, ha! Oh, for crying out loud.”

Sheriff Schmidt says he was skeptical when he heard about a candy-coated highway.  “Well, my deputies have got to be playing a joke on me and that wasn’t the case. We had Skittles across the road.”

Or at least, a candy that looks like Skittles – but not a rainbow of colors. Just one. “Somebody’s going to be missing that portion of the rainbow,” Schmidt joked.
But who dumped it here was a mystery.

Schmidt suspects it was a local trucker who lost part of his load – but he hasn’t been able to confirm that yet.
It happened Tuesday night after a couple days of icy roads, but highway crews here say the candy might actually help make roads less slippery.

And not only is all this sugar good as a possible de-icer on the roads, there may be another benefit.
Every time a car goes by, there’s a strong scent of candy in the air.

In fact, the smell is what convinced the Sheriff that the sticky spill was actually Skittles.  “There’s no little “S” on them, but you can definitely smell, it’s a distinct Skittles smell.”
A sweet smell that may linger for a while.

It was reported that the Skittles were intended to be feed for cattle, but ended up being for the birds.

(WISN for CNN)

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