Skin vs. Dry, Cold Conditions


SPRINGFIELD — As the temperatures drop and the air dries out, your skin can take a real beating. 

If there is any one who knows what the air is like outside, it’s KOLR10’s own Jamie Warriner. That air gets even more dry once it gets into your home. 

“People will probably notice it is very dry outside, and also inside,” Warriner says. “Because of how our heating systems work in buildings and also in our homes, we take that already very dry air outside, bring it in, warm it up. That process of warming the air to comfortable levels to heat our home also dries that air out even more.” 

Tom Emery, Injury Prevention Educator at Cox Health says the body tries to find away to keep itself warm when exposed to freezing temperatures. 

“Your body will protect itself when it gets extremely cold but shunning blood away from your extremities. Fingers, toes, nose, ears, lips,” explains Emery.  

The cold is not the only worry. The dryness of the air can take it out of you too. Literally. 

“In the winter, because the air is dryer, you’ll lose moisture off of your skin to the air,” says Emery.  

While oil-based lotions help keep some of that moisture in, some people set themselves up to dry out before stepping outside. 

“Limiting hot showers to a few minutes, maybe even considering a warm shower instead of a hot shower can keep your skin from drying out as much,” Emery says.  

As for those chapped lips, lip balm comes in handy, but Emery says hydration plays a role as well. 

“When your lips are chapped it is a sign that you are dehydrated and that you should drink more water,” Emery says. “I find that is a better remedy. The other is kind of a band aid for the problem, it doesn’t really fix the problem.” 

 Another thing you may notice this time of year is being shocked at the touch of certain things. When the air is cold and dry like it is, static electricity becomes more prevalent too. 

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