GAINSVILLE, Mo.– Despite seizing a meat grinder, 26 bottles of lye, and the remains of a burned human corpse from her property, the Ozark County Sheriff says it’s just not the right time to call Rebecca Ruud for questioning.
Sheriff Darrin Reed told us he last contacted Ruud on Wednesday via text message and while he says she responded to that message, she was not present during the search of her property on Wednesday.
It was that search that led to the seizure of evidence including a meat grinder, the lye, a knife, a box of clothing, some amount of hair, and a collected 20 boxes of bone fragments and teeth.
That evidence is currently being tested in a state crime lab. “I’ve been involved in several homicides and I’ve never had one quite like this one,” said Sheriff Reed.
In the meantime, the sheriff maintains he knows the location of Ruud but is holding off on contacting her or revealing her location until he feels it’s the right time in the investigation.
“We’re not at that stage right now,” he told KOLR10 reporters on Friday. “You have to understand this is a forensic investigation and there’s a lot of leg work that has to be done. A lot of pieces have to be put together in the puzzle before we’re at that stage.”
As for whether the burned remains found on Ruud’s property belong to her still-missing daughter, Savannah Leckie: that has yet to be confirmed by any state entity.
Even still, the sheriff says his confidence in that is growing.
“It’s starting to look more and more like this is our girl,” Reed said.
Right now Ruud is facing no charges in this investigation and has only been listed as a suspect on Ozark County documents.