JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.– Senator Josh Hawley sent letters to the CEOs of CVS and Walgreens asking for details on the companies’ vaccination plans.

Sen. Hawley expressed concern about reports of the slow pace of distributions and the possibility of companies holding on to extra doses.

In his letters, Sen. Hawley wrote:

“I understand that a mass mobilization effort of this magnitude poses several challenges, some of which might be outside of your company’s control. However, it is critical that obstacles are communicated to the public, as well as to government officials who might be positioned to help work towards resolutions. A public-private partnership is exactly that—a partnership. In the spirit of this partnership, I request a briefing, in writing, from you and your staff regarding the administration of COVID-19 vaccines in Missouri. It is my hope that this briefing will advance our shared objective of vaccinating my state’s high-risk populations as quickly as possible.”