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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Every Wednesday morning, One Million Cups features two start-up companies to connect with the community and teach people new, innovative ways to succeed.

“About 100 people each week, with the thesis of how can we as a community help you grow your business or your start-up and your company,” said Devin Dillon, founder of CN Solutions. 

Dillon helped bring One Million Cups to Springfield and shares the importance of taking breaks throughout the day.

Dillon said, “there’s been a lot of evidence now that being outside, fresh air, having natural light, having the flexibility to take a break when you need to take a break going eight hours straight through, to think that productivity is high for all eight hours is not the case.”

“Knowing when to say no. Sometimes we just get overloaded,” said LaDonna Greiner, a motivational coach, and speaker.

Greiner said it’s important to know your own boundaries and communicate them with your co-workers.

“A great way is to say I would love to do this, but right now I am under some time constraints, I just can’t fit it into my schedule, if it’s something you really want to do in the future, let them know,” Greiner said.

And entrepreneurs told KOLR10 that besides giving yourself a break socially and emotionally, it’s also important to give your body a break every once in a while.”

Fitness trainer Sean Saunders said, “get up, walk around, there is like yoga instructors that come to the workplace, fitness trainers like me can go on site and work with the employees and staff.”

Saunders demonstrated some exercises you can do at work, especially if you’re sitting at a desk or using a phone all day.

“What you do is you engage your core, and then you bring your shoulder blades back because we’re always rounded, so we get what we call rounded kyphosis. And so you want to bring those shoulder blades together, hold, engage your core, and that’ll really help your posture,” said Saunders.

These techniques are specially tailored to the upcoming generation.

Dillon said, “I think definitely a lot of millennials and the younger generation enjoys freedom and flexibility, so working with that instead of against that.”

And Dillon said when you’re motivated, it’s good to take risks.

“Don’t be afraid to try new things. Jump in there, if you don’t know how, find someone that does, or ask,” said Greiner.

And it boosts your confidence whether you succeed or not.

“Because you’re always learning,” Greiner said, “if you succeeded, yay, this is a win. Success can be found in exploring things and finding out, this is not something I want to do or not something that I’m good at.”

One Million Cups started in Kansas City and has been hosting these meetings for the past four years.

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