Saudi Ban on Women Driving Ends Today


SAUDI ARABIA — A historic day in Saudi Arabia today, where women are driving legally for the first time. 

The kingdom’s ban of women drivers was officially lifted today, bringing the conservative gulf nation in line with the rest of the world. 

And for many Saudi women who have been fighting for this for decades, this moment couldn’t come soon enough. 

David Daniel has a closer look at the celebrations on this landmark day:

A historic celebration for Saudi women who waited their entire life for this moment.

“I really enjoyed it,” Dr. Mona Al-Fares, one of the first Saudi woman to drive, said. “You know, having the freedom in my own country.”

Saudi Arabia’s controversial and decades-old ban on women drivers has been officially lifted. 

And as soon as the clock struck midnight Sunday, ladies wasted no time getting behind the wheel. 

“We’ve been waiting for this day for such a long time, and finally it’s here.”

Saudi officers handed women drivers flowers as they drove for the first time.

Advocates hope the new law allows many more to join the workforce and even start their own businesses. 

“I can’t believe that I’m just part of this great change. On so many levels, it’s amazing.”

“You can go with your kids and have memories and go on road trips so it’s also a bonding time for the family,” Rossana, female driver, said. “It’s already changing my life, I’m thinking about gas now.”

People began posting photos and videos of them driving and celebrating as the ban lifted. 

Including the crowned Saudi prince who posted this video of this daughter driving him and others around.

“She can drive now.”

The Saudi government had already issued drivers licenses to some women and carried out safe driving classes. 

While Saudi women say there’s still a long road ahead to equality, they acknowledge this is a big step for women’s rights in the kingdom. 

“I’m so optimistic for the future of Saudi women.”

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