SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield Police are sharing information about four incidents that happened during a protest Saturday afternoon, May 30, 2020.

Hundreds of people gathered at Battlefield Road and Glenstone Avenue. Springfield residents hold second protest against police brutality

Police say someone pointed a gun at people who were on a 3-wheeler. Police say the people on the 3-wheeler were trying to avoid the protest.

Springfield Police also report an incident involving a car and pepper spray. The vehicle was damaged in that incident.

A man was punched several times. In that same incident, a “Thin Blue Line” flag was ripped off a truck, and two cars were vandalized, according to police.

In another incident, Springfield Police report a protester hung on to a person’s truck and was knocked off. The driver and the truck were sprayed with some kind of paint.

Springfield police say there were no arrests at Saturday’s protests.