BOLIVAR, Mo. – A man has been taken into custody after an employee at Stephens Pharmacy/Southside Medical Center called police saying the man was acting suspiciously.

At about 7 am, an employee was going into work when she noticed a man in a white truck who seemed out of place.

She approached him, and he quickly put on a ski mask and sunglasses. He started asking questions about a doctor who works there.

He asked where the doctor was, but the doctor was not in the building. He then left the area, and the employee called the police.

Bolivar officers were unable to find and identify him and asked for help from surrounding agencies, including MSHP Troop D.

About 30 minutes later, MSHP Troopers found him driving north on Highway 13 about 10 miles south of Collins.

Traffic was then stopped in both directions on the highway between Collins and Humansville as troopers tried to get the man to come out of his vehicle and talk to them.

He refused to leave his vehicle and comply with troopers’ commands. However, he was eventually taken into custody.

He has not been charged with any crimes at this time and he has not been identified by authorities.