SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Urolift, a new treatment for those suffering from enlarged prostate, is now available in the Ozarks.

Ben Chilcutt enjoys the simple things in life.
“It’s kind of a long story,” 
He now enjoys them even more, after receiving a life-changing treatment. “I’ve had this problem maybe 15 years or more– I would get up three, four, five, six times a night to go to the bathroom.”

Chilcutt suffered from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a condition resulting from the enlargement of the prostate. 
“One of the first things I looked for wherever I went was where the bathroom was,” said Chilcutt. 

“When the prostate enlarges, it encroaches and narrows the opening for the urine to pass through and just creates a blockage,” said CoxHealth urologist Barry Farber, MD.

Dr. Farber has been practicing urology for 41 years, all the while improving the lives of patients like Chilcutt.

“When I started as a resident in urology, the treatment for prostate enlargement symptoms that Ben had, was either what we call ‘watchful waiting’, or a TUR. There was no other choice,” said Farber. 

A TUR is an operation that involves cutting out the extra tissue, and was at one time the gold standard treatment for BPH– until now.

“It’s just like the difference between day and night,” explained Chilcutt. “I mean I can go do what I want to and go wherever.” 

Chilcutt’s time lost urinating nearly every half an hour was restored thanks to a treatment called Urolift.

“I don’t use the word revolutionary very often, but it definitely is revolutionary in terms of the technology and the outcomes are quite dramatic,” said Farber. 

Rather than cutting, heating or removing prostate tissue– Urolift is minimally invasive, and instead spreads the tissue apart.

Urolift is recognized by the American Urologic Association, and covered by Medicare. The one-time treatment will save patients both time and money

“I think if you look at the cost of care of the disease, I think it is going to impact that significantly,” said Farber. 

Symptoms of enlarged prostate include interrupted sleep, urinary problems, decreased productivity, depression and decreased quality of life. Men experiencing these symptoms should consult a urologist.