With hopes of winning the Powerball, many hit the streets to buy more tickets

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. (KTVI)– With the luck of numbers, somebody’s life could change instantly.

Some people have bought many tickets. They shared what they would do if they won the Powerball jackpot.

Debbie Ramsey said she buys a Powerball ticket once a week.

“You don’t win if you don’t play so I figured what the heck I’ll try it,” Ramsey said.

She hopes lucky numbers turn into big money Saturday night.

Some help from a family member could be the key to her winning ticket.

“I sometimes go with the automated numbers but my niece picked these numbers so I’m using the numbers she picked,” Ramsey said. “I figured she might be a good omen.”

Like Debbie, Craig Burrell plays Powerball weekly too. This week, he bought six tickets hoping to increase his chances at millions.

“The jackpots high and I’m going to be the one to win it or some of it at least,” Burrell said.

He used a combination of numbers picked by him and those he knows, combined with automated numbers for what he hopes is the winning ticket.

“A few of us got some numbers that we play all of the time and then I just get random numbers,” Burrell said.

The million-dollar question? What would Debbie and do if they won tonight’s jackpot?

“Pay off the house would be nice. Vacation. Help some other people you know? Spread the love,” Ramsey said.

“First off pay off my bills. Pay for my daughter’s college. Take care of some friends. Then skip town(laughs),” Burrell said.

If there are no winners in Saturday’s drawing, expect more people to buy tickets for the next big jackpot.

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