BOLIVAR, Mo. – The city of Bolivar announced the lake at the Dunnegan Memorial Park is experiencing a “fish kill”, an event that results in the loss of aquatic life due to fluctuations in the natural environment.

What is a fish kill?

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), a fish kill is the sudden death of fish in a lake or stream. 

Every year, MDC handles around 100 fish kills and other water quality events that pose a threat to fish, wildlife, and recreation. Half are caused by natural events like drought, heat, or lake turnover. The rest are caused by pollution, chlorinated drinking water, or chemical spills.

Pollution from municipal and agricultural wastewater has been the leading source of fish kills in Missouri since the 1940s.

The Bolivar Public Works Department has contacted the MDC to investigate the cause of the event. While Liberty Utilities is also working to feed fresh water into the park’s lake to improve the water quality and speed up the lake’s restoration.

The MDC suspects that this summer’s drought and the recent changes in temperature have caused lake turnover which ultimately leads to a lack of oxygen in the water.

According to Bolivar Water Works, they have been able to slow down the number of fish deaths.

Several pumps have been installed and crews are going around the lake to pick up dead fish.

For more information contact Bolivar’s City Hall 417-326-2489.