WAYNESVILLE, Mo.– City Council members of Waynesville met for a few minutes this afternoon for an unusual purpose— to impeach the mayor of the city.

Dr. Jerry Brown’s removal from office is included in the proposed Resolution 1422, and had already been censured by City Council once before.

The vote wasn’t unanimous, though— members voted 5 to 2 to begin the impeachment process.

“In summary, the issue is whether or not the mayor has been interfering with city employees, which in Waynesville City Code, that’s prohibited,” said city attorney Nathan Nickolaus.

Brown was elected to office in 2020. In the two years since, alleged in the articles submitted by the City Council Resolution 1422, Brown has been so threatening and abusive that at least four employees have refused to work with him, and has attempted to launch a private investigation into the city administrator despite not being authorized to do so.

Also in violation of city ordinances, Brown has attempted to have the public works director fired and another position filled by somebody who hadn’t even applied.

The resolution also called into question whether Brown is fit for office, citing that just days after asking for a position to be filled outside of his authority, Brown then said he was unsure why the candidate had been interviewed to begin with.

Attorneys for the city said proposing for impeachment is rare, and happens maybe once a year in the state of Missouri.

“the Missouri Supreme Court has set down clear guidelines for what constitutes the type of bad act that can lead to impeachment,” said city attorney Jeff Deane. “And if the if that is occurred at this point, the city council had the opportunity to impeach the mayor. If it didn’t or if they decided to go a different way, they can go a different way.”

Attorneys with the city said the process will be a civil matter, not criminal.

“There will be a trial where the mayor will have a full opportunity to give his response, present facts, examine witnesses,” said Deane.

The impeachment hearing is scheduled for September 22.