ST. LOUIS – Labor Day unofficially marks the end of the summer, but new research finds that people will continue to travel through the fall months after the holiday.

According to the American Automobile Association, which released findings from a late summer survey, nearly one-third of Americans are set to travel for Labor Day weekend. Of those that plan to travel, 82% of them will travel by car.

The top destinations according to AAA advisors for bookings, cruises, and hotel destinations for Missourians are:

  • Las Vegas
  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Alaska
  • Key West
  • Nashville
  • Hawaii
  • Memphis
  • New Orleans
  • Europe

Data shows that Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, and Mexico host the most popular cruises during the fall as well.

AAA Spokesperson Nick Chabarria shared advice to autumn travelers before they make their trips.

“Right now, travelers can find some great deals for future travel, especially on cruises,” Chabarria said. “For those who want to travel in the fall, the best advice is to get those plans in place as soon as possible due to the pent-up demand, work with a reputable travel advisor who is aware of the requirements where you want to go, and consider travel insurance that would cover trip interruptions.”

Data from the U.S Census Bureau recently reported that 6.2 million workers took vacations or personal days in the summer. The CEO of Host Hotels and Resorts believes this pattern will continue through the holiday season.

AAA also discovered, among those who responded and planning to travel after Labor Day weekend, 7% of are planning to take a cruise, 30% will travel via plane, 52% of them will take road trips, and 73% of those trips will be for leisure.

Downloading apps to get boarding passes, booking early morning flights to prevent delays or cancellations, packing smart, and remaining kind were some tips that AAA recommended to traveling enthusiasts.