Strangers help unconscious woman struggling with heroin addiction

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The two owners of Pure Catering STL found a woman unconscious in her car from a drug overdose Thursday afternoon near the intersection of Enright Avenue and Union Boulevard.

When Joseph Westbrook and Terron Williams approached the vehicle the driver was unconscious and her car was slowly rolling towards the busy intersection. Westbrook was able to grab the back wing of the car to slow its momentum, and Williams hopped in the car, put it in park, and steered it towards the curb.

They saw a syringe and drugs that appeared to be heroin sitting between her legs. They recorded the entire incident and posted it on YouTube to warn people about the dangers of drugs and what they can do to people. The video shows the woman was barely responsive, but Westbrook and Williams stayed with her for nearly 45 minutes making sure she was okay before anyone else showed up.

“One of the biggest things we’ve noticed in our community is drug overdose and drug usage is a big thing, so we knew the first thing to do was really just keep her alert,” Westbrook said.

To keep her alert they would tap her with rolled-up paper, and they even poured ice water on her to try and shock her system. They tried to maintain a conversation with her too, but she was unable to speak. You can hear Williams in the video asking her to blink if she was okay.

While they were taking care of her and waiting for St. Louis Metropolitan Police and first responders to arrive, the woman’s husband called her cell phone. Westbrook and Williams were able to update him on her status and share their location. 

The woman did not receive medical treatment. In fact, Westbrook said no medical team ever arrived on the scene. She ended up driving home with her husband. 

“I know if we hadn’t reacted when we did there’s a possibility she could have overdosed,” said Westbrook. 

Although worried about the woman and drugs in his community, Westbrook was more worried about the lack of intervention from those driving or passing by once they saw her condition. 

“Unfortunately a lot of people turn a blind eye to things and one thing I have to say is we really try to partner with our community. We actually try to give back and make sure we’re aware of what’s going on,” Westbrook said.

The woman’s husband confirmed that she is from a town 45 minutes away and should not have been in the area. He says she has been struggling with drug addiction for quite some time.

She called Westbrook and Williams the day after her near-death experience to let them know she was okay and how thankful she was they were there to help her in a dark moment. She is currently seeking proper treatment for her addiction. 

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