FENTON, Mo. – A series of small wins led a Missouri Lottery player to take a chance on a more expensive scratchers game and, ultimately, a $5 million top prize.

“Honestly, I’ve never bought a $50 scratchers ticket,” the winner said. “I’d won $100 on a $20 ticket and used the winnings to buy two $50 tickets.”

He won on those Millionaire Blowout tickets, bought another pair of tickets, and won again. It was his final Millionaire Blowout ticket that turned out to be the life-changing winner.

“I scratched it and saw the zeros – I immediately threw it in my safe, called my wife, took a picture of it, and never took it out again until we came to the Lottery office,” he said.

The winner said he and his wife will pay off their house and install a swimming pool, and set money aside to send their kids to college.

The winning ticket was purchased at San Luis ZX 190 on Hawkins Road in Fenton.

Millionaire Blowout is the Missouri Lottery’s first $50 scratchers game, with a total of $234 million in unclaimed cash prizes, including two more $5 million top prizes and 16 $1 million winners. The odds of winning are 1 in 2.84, including $50 prizes.