St. Louis woman battling cancer gains social media following with inspiring videos

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ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis woman with stage four cancer has gained a social media following with her inspiring videos chronicling her fight and kicking cancer’s butt on TikTok.  

Every Friday morning, Suzi Tozer goes to her weekly chemotherapy treatment where she makes TikTok videos to spread positivity. Her positive attitude is influencing many around the world.

“I have terminal cancer. I have metastatic triple-negative to my bones and to my lungs,” she said. “I was in horrifying pain for about two months until we figured out the next step, which is this chemo, which is working. The pain is diminished. I’m still on pain pills but now the pain pills are working.” 

Tozer began making videos this week, first posting to Facebook and then moving to TikTok. She’s saddened to hear the news that the social media platform could be going away under the current administration.

“Most of these comments are from children under 18 years old and they like to call me grandma,” Tozer said. “Yesterday, I asked them to list three things that they’re grateful for because I do that every day and I think you have to wake up and live in gratitude.”

Tozer said she received 4,000 comments from users who listed three things they were grateful for and she tries to reply to each comment.

Her TikTok fame began when her children posted the first video. Tozer’s making her own every day.

“This is the first chemo in six years that is going to make me lose my hair. So, I decided to show what it looks like to lose your hair,” Tozer said. “So, I just took a video, real quick one, and 5.3 million people watched it almost overnight. Thirty-thousand people commented on it, every one of them positive.”

Tozer credits her doctors and friends and family for her positive attitude during the midst of this unfair reality.

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