SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Elections are coming up, which means political ads will be running and signs will be placed on the streets. However, some local residents have complained about the signs blocking the view of traffic around a corner or a curve in the road.

Ozarksfirst.com spoke with Brock Rowe, the Interim Director of Building Development Services (BDS), about what the guidelines are for political signs and who’s in charge of taking care of them.

“There’s a certain restrictions that they’re … not allowed to put them in certain areas. One of those is the city’s right of way and MoDOT’s right of way. You can’t actually put a political sign in those … areas,” said Rowe. The ‘right of way’ includes the streets and sidewalks. Those are public areas.

Candidates are expected to remove them, but if they do not, the Public Works Department will seize them until they are claimed.

The signs you find on certain lawns are typically privately owned.

Signs can differ in size depending on where candidates wish to place them.

“If it’s in a residential area … You can only put basically a six-square-foot sign that would be like a two-by-three sign in that area. Getting those big signs like the four-foot by eight-foot large signs. Those are more for the commercial areas,” said Rowe.

He says the signs are supposed to be placed where they don’t block the view of oncoming traffic.

“There’s really two departments working toward taking these signs down … On the public side of the public right away … Public Works Department takes care of those,” said Rowe. “On the private side, BDS actually sends out inspectors to do that.”

In the case that a sign is violating this rule, the public can call the Citizen Resource Center at 417-864-1010.

“Ultimately, the person’s name that’s on the sign is responsible for the sign,” said Rowe. He said candidates are given 48 hours after the election is over to remove their signs.

Watch the video above for the full interview with Brock Rowe.