SPRINGFIELD, Mo.— Every Wednesday, Springfield Fire Marshals come together for bomb squad training.

They said each call they respond to is different.

“If we’re given something to go on, we have to treat it,” said Lucas Bollinger, Fire Marshal and Bomb Squad member. “Whether it’s a real device or not, you don’t know at the time. And so you have to treat the situation like it is real and and wear the appropriate safety gear. the training that’s provided to us is very top-notch.”

Last week, Springfield Police were called to the scene of a potential bomb. Bollinger was there as part of the bomb squad.

“Springfield PD, they did a good job of locating the person and taking them into custody, and they notified us to search the vehicle,” Bollinger said.

Each member has to take a six-week training course in Huntsville, Alabama. That initial training then gets worked on back here at home.

“That helps instill kind of a sense of confidence if you practice a lot of different scenarios there, and so it doesn’t feel necessarily like the first time,” Bollinger said. “Now, each situation is a little different, but it doesn’t feel like the first time that you’re doing something.”

Bomb squad member and Fire Marshal Mark Phillips shares a similar approach.

“Very important to kind of go through the scenario in your mind and, for past experience and training, try to work up what you’re probably going to see but not have blinders on, to see what might be different about the perception of the call,” Phillips said. “Breathe, try to remember the tools you’re going to need.”

Phillips said he has a lot on his mind every time he puts the suit on.

“My family’s the first thing in my brain,” Phillips said. “You think about what if this thing detonates under me? What’s going to happen? So that really causes you to be careful and to appreciate the training you receive.”

Bollinger said with over 300 bomb squads across America, just around 5% of that amount is bomb squads made up of firefighters.

He said his crew is made up of all fire marshals and one member from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.