SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — An area of Springfield’s Galloway neighborhood is seeing an influx of visitors of the avian variety, and at least one apartment complex is asking residents to take precautions.

According to a resident in the area of South Lone Pine Avenue and East Allen Place, vultures have been gathering around dumpsters for several weeks. The area is across from the Greenway Trail and near many apartment complexes and businesses,

One apartment complex in the area sent an email to residents and said the birds are harmless, but measures should be taken to make the area less attractive to the vultures.

That complex has increased the frequency of trash pickup and has asked people who live there to make sure dumpster lids stay closed and to keep the cardboard recycling bin free of any food.

Property managers told Ozarks First they did their research and found that the birds are protected, so there isn’t much they can do as far as getting rid of them, other than keeping trash out of reach.

The more common species of vulture in Missouri is the turkey vulture, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation, though the black vulture is becoming more common in the southern part of the state. The black vulture is protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and other laws, according to MDC.

The vultures gathered in the Galloway neighborhood have black heads and appear to be black vultures. Turkey vultures are identified by their red heads. Ozarks First has reached out to the Missouri Department of Conservation for more information.