GREENE COUNTY, Mo. – The Greene County Sheriff’s Office said deputies arrested three people for stealing from a home on West Norton Road Tuesday.

A Facebook post from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office said deputies were called to Norton Road near Kansas Expressway and Interstate 44 about a past burglary at a home, where several pieces of tools and equipment were stolen.

Deputies stopped a pickup truck during their investigation and said they found several of the things that were taken during the burglary nearby. Deputies arrested three suspects. Formal charges have not been filed. The Greene County Sheriff’s Office said the suspects lived at a nearby illegal encampment.

The Facebook post included a quote from Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott, which stated, “Criminal activity in the areas surrounding illegal camps is pervasive and often difficult to solve, due to the transient nature of the suspects. I am proud of my deputies who, through good law enforcement work and instinct were able to solve this burglary and return the stolen property to the rightful owner.”