SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– If you’re in the market for a used car, get ready for higher prices.

The website iseecars.com is reporting used car prices have risen by 10.9% nationally over the past year.

The price of used cars just in Springfield has increased by $2,000 since July, an increase of 6.3% in prices.

The study also said that alternative-fuel cars are the vehicles seeing the highest price increases, while pickup trucks have sustained the fewest price changes.

“We’re kind of at an all-time high in used car prices now,” said Charlie Davis, a salesman with Never Say No Auto. “I think a lot of that is just due to the lack of the availability on the new cars.”

Davis said this rise has been at such a level he’s never seen.

“The higher the price of the cars, the higher the cost, the higher payments,” Davis said. “It’s just more difficult in selling vehicles, you know, when they’re higher now than they were ten years ago.”

Prices are rising across the board- not just for used vehicles.

The cost of new cars has increased as well, with the typical new car selling for more than the sticker price seen at the dealerships. On top of that, a global chip shortage is causing new cars to be produced at a much slower rate than before.

Because of this, used car prices have been affected by limited production and availability of new vehicles, driving prices even higher.

“It presents problems also when the availability of cars is limited,” said. “We are lucky we are starting to get a few more cars than we used to, so that absolutely helps.”

Used models of Honda, Mazda and Nissan were all listed in that study as having more than a 20% increase since July.