SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– On our Facebook page, we asked our viewers what was the best piece of advice their father had ever given.

Some advice was expressed through a joke, some were practical and almost all were heartfelt. Here are just a few of the nuggets of dad-wisdom shared with us:

  • “It doesn’t matter how people use the help you offer; only that you offer and aren’t selfish.” – Rebecca
  • “Before you marry a man, watch how he treats his mother, sisters, children and animals.” – Joy
  • “Don’t ever walk into a situation you can’t turn around and walk out of” – Matthew
  • “Don’t let me catch you in the back seat with a boy!” – Marti
  • “Measure twice, cut once!” – Lisa
  • “You can never go wrong doing what’s right” – Lynette
  • “Never let anyone tell you that you are good for nothing… you can always be used as a bad example.” – John
  • “Rise above it.” – Lacey
  • “If you’re gonna be stupid, you gotta be tough.” – Sarah
  • “Family before work” – Robert
  • “Better to be thought a fool then open your mouth and remove all doubt.” – Dean
  • “Just cause u have a new house doesn’t mean u won’t have dirty dishes.” – Zanita
  • “Any job worth doing is worth doing well” – Jim
  • “Never gamble unless you know you’re gonna win. I said dad that’s not gambling,he replied,you learn quick” – Mark
  • “Don’t eat the yellow snow” – Allen

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