SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Officials with the Springfield Police Department said they are seeing an increase in motorcycle crashes.

A man seriously hurt years ago in a motorcycle crash is hoping to use his experience to push for change.

David Hardy lost a leg and lost partial use of one of his arms.

“The next thing I remember I was waking up in Columbia without a leg,” said Hardy.

Since then, Hardy said he’s wanted to bring more awareness to motorcycle safety.

“There is a problem with visualization of a motorcycle,” said Hardy. “People, just for some reason, it doesn’t click in their brain. They pull out in front of them. That’s what this guy did with me.”

Springfield Police Department officials said they back the fact that drivers should look out for motorcycles. They also hope to add to that message.

“I think now the message needs to be towards these motorcycle riders,” said Sgt. Steve Ramey. “Stop driving like this. Start minding the rules and regulations of the roadway.”

Ramey said the department has been receiving complaints.

“Throughout the city from citizens about motorcycles speeding through the neighborhood,” said Ramey. “Speeding down Glenstone or Kearney or wherever they’re at. They’re just not driving safely at all.”

Hardy said he hopes to start a local support group for motorcyclists who have been in a wreck.