SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Music fans are celebrating National Record Day. 

The throwback format for listening to your favorite songs is still trending up after a resurgence first hit around 2010. 

“Vinyl is hot right now, [2010] really just kicked everybody into gear to start making records again and start looking at records again, like their number one medium as far as listening,” said Dillon Kaasa, a worker for Stick It In Your Ear. “Right now, the hottest thing is Kate Bush and Metallica because of the Stranger Things stuff.” 

Some of those who consider it their number one option include Brad Condreay. 

“I think that records are meant to be listened from the front to the back,” Condreay said. “We’re so used to Spotify, Apple Music, and we put things on shuffle and listen to those, which is great, great for the car. But I really think artists put a lot of time and energy into a record.” 

Condreay said his love for vinyl started at a younger age. 

“I’ve been collecting records for 15 years,” Condreay said. “My granddad got me into it before he passed, so he passed a lot of those on to me and places like Stick It in Your Ear. We’ve been buying records since high school.”

Kaasa said there’s more to the music when it’s played from vinyl than when it’s streamed. 

“There’s a certain warmth to a vinyl record that you don’t get listening to an MP3 or a CD or anything,” Kaasa said. “It’s a different format. It’s an analog format versus a digital format. You’re going to get more of the sound coming out of the speakers to you. It’s almost like you’re directly in the room ”