SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Customers who receive sewer service from the City of Springfield will see a rate increase on July 1.

A news release from the city said the rate increase is part of a plan to pay for improvements that will make the sewer system compliant with federal regulations.

The city said an average residential customer pays about $37.63 for sewer services a month. The average bill after the rate hike will be $39.60. That’s an increase of $1.97. Customers will notice the change on their August CU bills, since the city contracts with City Utilities for sewer billing.

Springfield officials said the city’s sewer rates are consistently below the averages of similar cities in the midwest.

City Council approved a series of sewer rate increases in January 2020. This is the third in a series of increases. These rates that begin in August will be in place through 2023.