SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Overcrowded and outdated, that’s how Springfield Greene County health describes the current animal shelter.

On Tuesday night, the Springfield City Council discussed constructing a new shelter to fix these issues and expand the space. 

Before the council meeting, we were able to talk with the Springfield-Greene County Health Dept. director Katie Towns, about what the current conditions of the shelter are, and how this money will help. 

“There are a lot of conditions that we hope to improve by having a new shelter here in our community. I feel very good about it. I think our council and our county commission have worked together on this partnership for several years. So, we expect that this will be a good turnout tonight” said Towns.

The 1930s construction of the initial animal shelter was followed by expansions up until 2000. Even with these improvements made in the past, the shelter still needs money for further improvements to ensure the shelter is safe not only for the animals but the staff as well. 

The shelter is built on a floodplain, and they want the space to be safe for staff and animals. The head of the health department says this new shelter is long overdue for the community. 

In the council bill, the shelter is asking that the space be expanded to help meet housing requirements for the animals and take care of operational problems.