SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield Police confirmed shots were fired Tuesday at 835 S. Robberson Avenue, between Madison Street and Grand Street. Robberson Avenue is just east of Campbell Avenue.

Several cars were damaged when shots were fired. An OzarksFirst photojournalist got video of damage done to the cars on Wednesday morning.

“So I ducked down underneath my couch. And it’s as soon as the shooting stopped I was going to go outside. but then I decided to call 911 first,” said Travis Eastburn a neighbor at the apartments.

Eastburn said he heard “pops” and thought it was fireworks however the popping got louder. He said the “pops” began to sound like it was actually inside his apartment.

“When I saw that there was a hole in the window right by my apartment, I got pretty angry… And then a couple of kids are like, you know, be cool, be cool. And I was like, I am cool. I almost got shot.” said Eastburn.

OzarksFirst is planning to talk to Springfield Police about this incident and others later on Wednesday.

Monday night, Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams told Springfield City Council the number of calls the department has received about shots fired has increased in 2022 when numbers are compared to 2021. Chief Williams also told council members police officers are on track to seize more guns in 2022 than they did in 2021.