SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Around college campuses and urban areas, electric scooters are becoming more common. Scooter fleets like Lime, Bird and Bolt have all made their way to the streets of big cities.

E-scooters are not without controversy. Some folks are asking how safe the scooters are on the roads and sidewalks.

Rules for the scooters were put in place by the city council in order to keep the scooters from becoming “a nuisance or pose a hazard to public safety.”

Eway LLC has been one of the only businesses to rent out their scooters here in Springfield since the rules were approved.

“We were one of the only ones here as far as the scooter company. And now there are some fleets that are looking to come to Springfield soon,” said Williams.

They hope to grow and soon have scooters available to rent throughout the Springfield area.

“With the new fleets coming in town, we anticipate working with some of the operators to make sure that, you know, we can help provide them the experience to make sure scooters are here to stay,” said Williams. 

Williams said the scooters are only allowed to go up to 15 mph, and you can book them online and ride them around the Springfield are for the amount of time you paid for.