SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– The Price Cutter Charity Championship golf tournament teed off Thursday as people tried their best to stay cool.

Tournament Executive Director, Jerald Andrews, said on the bright side, people at the tournament don’t have to worry too much about getting rained out.

“There’s a lot of shade,” said Andrews. “People need to stay under the shade of trees. We have air-conditioned tents. We have lots of seating so people can come out and work on staying cool.”

The tournament schedule is being altered to try to help out.

“Saturday and Sunday we’re going to move play up slightly,” said Andrews. “Just to get out of the intense heat late in the day. We’ll be finishing at 3 o’clock.”

Andrews said in all of his years, he’s never had it be this hot for the tournament before.

“I’m encouraging people, if you’ve got anyone you want to follow, kind of watch your time a little bit closely,” said Andrews. “Come out and follow them or come out a little bit earlier in the morning. Typically, people start arriving around 10, I’d encourage you to come more like 8:30 or 9. Come out while it’s still a little bit cooler. Leave a little earlier in the afternoon.”

Beth Fischer, a mom to a golfer, said the breeze is helping make it not so miserable outside.

“We have had some hot tournaments over the years,” said Fischer. “Drinking a lot, staying in the shade.”

The heat may impact just how many people come out to watch the action. Normally, it’s a very large crowd.

“Upwards of 40,000 during the tournament,” said Andrews. “I have no idea what the heat may do to us. It will cut into us. That’s kind of a domino effect because the fewer people you have, the fewer people that park cars. The fewer people that buy concessions. The fewer people that buy your merchandise. It has a domino effect. It does have a negative impact on what we’ll raise and what we’ll be able to give to charity.”

Andrews said they still will raise plenty of money. He encourages everyone to drink plenty of water.