UPDATE: OzarksFirst spoke with the family and friends of the victim.

“Colin truly was a genuinely kind human being. I look at him as one of those people that, anything he touched, he turned to gold, and I… We lost a good person this morning.”

For more on what they had to say, read the story linked below:

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield Police have identified the person who was killed in Wednesday morning’s shooting near Anchor Tactical Supply. 25-year-old Colin Loderhose was taken to a local hospital but died later. Loderhose was an employee at Anchor Tactical Supply.

Officers have also identified the suspects as Jonathan Peace, 20, and Zachary Cano, 20. Both were arrested and booked into the Greene County Jail. Cano was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder and Peace was arrested on suspicion of felony stealing.

The case will be submitted to the Greene County Prosecutor’s office for review. Formal charges have not yet been filed.

Police said the call came in just after 9:00 Wednesday morning.

“Just as I was checking out, getting ready to walk out the front door… I heard three pop pop pop,” said a witness. “The lady goes, ‘oh, someone with fireworks.’ I go, ‘that wasn’t fireworks.’ About the time we stepped out there’s two males that ran right beside me. One of them had a gun in his hand.”

The witness interviewed by OzarksFirst gave police information about a suspect vehicle leaving the scene, which police later identified as being occupied by Peace and Cano.

“I ran out to the parking lot,” the witness said. “They obviously were already headed out. One of the other guys said, ‘hey there they go in the car.’ We took off following them for a minute. Later they were able to catch them with a little bit of that information.”

Police found that vehicle and Peace and Cano in the parking lot of the Kensington Park Apartments on South Lexington.

“It just happened really fast,” the witness said about following the suspects’ vehicle. “It’s really hard to say. Sometimes you just kind of react. May not have been the wisest thing to do. Sometimes you just step in when you got to.”

Lt. Nelson Kibby with Springfield Police said Wednesday morning it looks like the altercation that led to the shooting began inside the business and then continued outside. He said this may be related to a stealing incident that happened Tuesday.

There are cameras surrounding the area and officers are planning to look at those files to piece together what happened.

Ozarks First will update this story with more information as it becomes available.