Parents continue to struggle to find the baby formula they need to feed their families.
It’s all due to a nationwide shortage. 

One local nonprofit, Life360 Community Services, is stepping up to help Springfield parents. Monday, they held a formula giveaway for people to take advantage of.

“Here we have just some standard nutrition formula,” said Blake White, Warehouse and Facilities Manager at Life360. “Behind me, we have some goat milk formula. I know there is a shortage going around in the community. We just want to be a blessing.”

Most drivers stopping by, they said, are moms themselves. For many, they have multiple kids to take care of.

“One of them said they had four,” said White. “Another one is picking up for five. We definitely loaded up the back of their vehicle with nine separate sets of items to bless them.” 

Cindy Vasher said she is picking up the formula to help her neighbors.

“They’re from Uganda,” said Vasher. “They only have one vehicle because they are trying to work two different shifts and raise a baby. It’s not easy. The formula is just not there.” 

Vasher said people continue to run into disappointment while searching for formula at the store. “It’s been very hard for them,” said Vasher said.

Those at Life360 said they’re looking to get the formula out as quickly as possible. While the giveaway is happening in Springfield, baby formula is also being distributed across the Ozarks.

“Some of our key locations across southern Missouri have this product as well,” said Matthew Cederblom, Life360 Director of Logistics. “They are working in their community to give to daycares, or people in the community that they know need it.” 

More baby formula should be available for pickup Tuesday and in the coming days.

You can check Life 360’s Facebook page for updates.