SPRINGFIELD, Mo.— Pet owners may be all too familiar with their pet’s anxiety during the Fourth of July. 

However, for many who are not, here are some signs to recognize that your pet is stressed:

“First one that can be (noticed) as mild is just panting, pacing, sometimes drooling,” Dr. Karen Lea from the Glenstone Veterinary Clinic said. “Two, (they) can progress even further. They may hide, they may shake, they may to and tear up a carpet or try to get out of wherever they are.” 

Dr. Lea said pets can try to escape from where they are in response to anxiety, and that could lead to injuries. 

“If they’re trying to get out of their fence or their kennel or cage and they certainly can get lacerations or break their teeth if they’re chewing on something,” Lea said.  

While a many are aware of dogs being stressed by fireworks, they’re not the only ones that can be afraid. 

“I’ve known horses to get loose during the 4th of July to break through their fences. Certainly, I think cats can get stressed, too,” Dr. Lea said. 

We talked to one pet owner who says she’ll be watching her dog during his first Independence Day weekend. 

“I first I want to see how he does so if he’s like totally cool with it, then great,” Jillian Cochran said. “But I anticipate a little bit of anxiety and the biggest plan is just to be with him.”

Cochran said if her pooch Finn shows signs of anxiety, she has other options. 

“We’ll try the vet if we need to, and I’ve also heard like calming treats can be really good,” Cochran added. 

Dr. Lea said those with pets who can’t get to a vet this weekend should look for other ways to distract them from the noise outside.

“Keep them in the house somewhere where the sounds are muffled maybe play a sound machine, give them something to distract them with that they like toys or Kong with peanut butter,” Dr. Lea said. 

Dr. Lea said it’s important to not give pets any human medication because it could be toxic to your pet.